Education & Disaster

April 30, 2010

Despite the pompous prose of the article, I did find the notion of a one month television turnoff interesting. Maybe that suggestion would be received well in 1984, seeing I wasn’t born yet I cannot comment on the context. However, such a notion would be absurd nowadays. This week’s experiment of staying off the internet for a day measures up to the month in 1984 I suppose. I am a little late in reporting my response, I chose last Sunday as my day without Internet. It involved a bit of cheating because I tend to stay off the computer on Sundays anyways so it wasn’t very difficult. However, I did come across the urge to check my email towards the evening; that’s when I usually check messages.

I also like this idea of “we are in a race between education and disaster” (163). It makes me think of the Einstein babies programs that seem to be so popular nowadays because they promise they will make your baby the next Noble Prize winner (however, I do believe they make children socially awkward). Is it disaster because we will soon be too engrossed in reality television and mindless facebooking instead of expanding our intellect?



April 16, 2010

Okay this was not an easy assignment. I got on the website around 10:30pm thinking I would talk to someone for 20 minutes, blog about it and have it done by midnight. Last minute I know, but hey I’m a college student.  Back to the assignment at hand- I really shouldn’t have left it to after hours because the messages I received were quite upsetting. A lot of them were along the lines of “Are you horny?” I also got a crazy “DO YOU BELIEVE IN GOD BECAUSE I LOVE GOD AND WANT TO OBEY GOD WITH ALL MY HEART” which was just scary because when I didn’t reply they repeatedly asked me if I was gay and if I was gay I would surely burn in hell. Needless to say I was terrified; not really sure what I expected from a random chat site though. I also learned some chat phrases like asl – age/sex/location, information I could have done without.

As for creating an identity, I pretended to be a 28 year old from England. I was supposed to be a divorcee but the conversation never got that far because most people were too preoccupied with sex. This guy was pretty normal, bought that I was from the UK but I didn’t really get to elaborate on building the identity because he didn’t really care. I was pretty bored by what he had to say and couldn’t care less. He sent me his website and I used my facebook stalking to find out that he has been married for 10 years. I am not sure why that is important, but I felt like it was pretty crucial. Why is a married guy chatting online? It was all really creepy and left me feeling quite uneasy.

Why do people go on these websites? I still dont understand it. Are they looking for something meaningful to fill up their life? Disturbing.

Here’s the convo:

Stranger: hey

Stranger: asl

You: hey

You: 28 f uk

You: u?

Stranger: 24 m usa

Stranger: ive been to the uk before nice place

Stranger: i went and spent a 2 month vacation and visited different contries

Stranger: countries*

You: yeah i really like it

You: I have never been to the US

Stranger: really?

Stranger: what do you like to do?

You: I lovee to travel

You: and try diff cuisines

Stranger: yea i like eating new stuff to but i wont eat anything that used to be a bug or mouse or anything like that lol

You: ummm yeah i’m not into that either

You: I was in China a year ago and it was really hard to eat

Stranger: i bet

Stranger: i was just talking to my friend about that stuff

You: they have starfish and chicken feet

Stranger: gross

Stranger: chicken feet cant be good lol

You: I wasnt brave enough to try

You: they were very stinky

Stranger: what do you do for a living

You: between jobs right now

Stranger: o that sucks

You: last one was writing for a newspaper

You: oh it is not that bad

Stranger: o cool

You: what about you?

Stranger: i own a buisness

You: what kind of a business is it?

Stranger: its a pressure washing company we do houses and wash semi trucks and stuff

Stranger: pretty much anything and everthing

Stranger: do you have a facebook?

You: oh well you are very accomplished at a young age

You: 24 right?

You: oh no I do not

Stranger: o yeah i started it right out of high school as a hobby and then it just took off

You: bloody hell, thats impressive

You: I had no clue what I was doing then

You: well at 28, I still dont

Stranger: lol i didnt either but i was tired of having boss’ at the companies i worked when i was in high school and told myself that i want to own my own and so i did it was really hard but is just now starting to pay off

Stranger: im just now making money every cent that i got i put back into the company to make it better and quicker

Stranger: and $40,000 later i have what i have

You: well thats top notch

Stranger: the website is

You: hard to find such hard working people nowadays

Stranger: tell me about it lol i cant seem to find a hard workers lol

You: this is really impressive seeing how young you are

Stranger: well thank you

You: and what do you like to do in your spare time?

Stranger: i like to travel, go fishing, offroading all that good stuff

Stranger: well i have to go to bed i got to wake up early it was nice talking to you its hard to find someone to talk to on this

Stranger: they either want to get pictures or cyber lol

You: haha yes seriously

Against the Facebook Takeover

April 9, 2010

Sociology 88, how does a one unit wonder come with so much to do? I failed miserably at the first experiment that required us to update our Facebook status every 2 hours. First of all, I do not have facebook on my phone (Thank god! I was at Happy Hour with a few friends last night and half of them were on facebook at the table! I just find that rude and unnecessary. After I told them about our status experiment, they all thrust their Blackberries and IPhones in my face prompting me to do my update. I held my dignity and refused to be on a social networking site while I was actually socializing face to face.)  So I was no able to make the two hour deadline. Also I had a seminar for three hours which cut into my status updates (no laptops allowed).

Then I got to wondering what we were supposed to get out of these 2 hour updates? To see how many random people respond in a span of 14 waking hours to absurd, useless updates about someone else’s life? I figured if that is question at hand, why not do something shocking. For my second update of the day, I updated my relationship status from Single to Engaged to one of my good friends in India. The response was overwhelming  (especially since I don’t really do updates and pictures and all the other usual fb stuff). Everyone (as in people who don’t really know me obviously, because my friends would know I am not seeing this guy at all) was very supportive and congratulatory. No one questioned it, and many people I rarely talk to responded. It was interesting to see these strangers commenting on my fake relationship. This just substantiates my reluctance in accepting facebook. The relationships on there aren’t real!!!!  I couldn’t allow facebook to direct my day, even for a one day experiment.

Hello world!

April 9, 2010

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